Diacom NLS

Choosing the Right Biofeedback System

There are many NLS Biofeedback systems on the market and choosing the right system takes time and effort.
It is our goal to help answer your questions about anything and everything necessary to help you understand differences between systems and find a system that fits you and your needs. Without the pressure of sales tactics and misleading information about other companies, we would like to present concrete evidence which shows the differences between our Vector system and any other which you may already be considering.
DIACOM is a system we have experience with, our goal is to share that experience and offer an alternative system that we believe is a better one. Please take a look through the information on this site and if you have questions about other systems please send us an e-mail by filling out the form on our Contact us page.


We believe Vector is a better alternative system to the Diacom. If you are interested in getting more information about Vector please fill out the form on our contact us page and make sure to include VECTOR2015 in the email as a promotional code for some special offers.

We exchange DIACOM units for our Vector with a $2,500 fee, this will include the following:
3 year warranty
Customer service
Technical support
Online, ongoing training
Software updates

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